Tammy Reed Bio

Tammy Reed is a National Columnist, as well as the founder of Tammy-Girl Publishing and the Bay Area Transgender Society. Tammy currently writes the "Transgendered & Transsexual Issues Column", which appears in the "Society & Culture" section of the Examiner News website.

Tammy could easily be considered your typical fun loving, Florida girly-girl. Always in search of new adventures, Tammy simply loves to have fun while making new friends along the way. 

Though kind of a shy girl at first, once she gets to know you...watch out, there's no stopping her then! 

Originally born & raised in Michigan, Tammy moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida with her family in the mid 80's . It was while living in Florida as a young child when Tammy realized that she was different from all the other boys, her personality fit more of a girls personality, rather then a boys. Every night Tammy would go to bed and pray that she would wake up as a girl.

By the time Tammy reached her young teen years, she was already cross-dressing on a daily basis. With already  having the personality of a girl, cross-dressing only felt natural to Tammy. As natural as cross-dressing felt to Tammy, it still was not enough to make her feel like herself...after all, Tammy knew that she was a woman...just born the wrong sex. Further more, Tammy knew that the only way she could truly be herself was to "come out" and start living her life as a women, both at home and out in public. By the time Tammy reached her 30's, she was living two separate lives...half her time as a man & half her time as a woman.

In 2010, Tammy started selling her sexy, used  panties, bras, pantyhose (& much, much more) online. Tammy's online store is called Tammy's Used Panties & More.

Also In 2010, Tammy founded the Bay Area Transgender Society (B.A.T.S.). The Bay Area Transgender Society is a social network & support group for other transgenders & cross-dressers living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. B.A.T.S. organizes frequent "girls night out" events at local LGBT bars, giving girls a chance to go out in public and meet others like them, who may normally be afraid to venture out in public alone.

In May of 2011, Tammy was hired as a freelance writer for the Examiner.com news website, where she was given her own column. Tammy writes the "Transgendered & Transsexual Issues Column", which appears in the "Society & Culture" section of the Examiner News website.

Also in 2011, Tammy formed Tammy-Girl Publishing. Tammy-Girl Publishing is the copyright administrator for all of Tammy's intellectual & creative work.

In February of 2012, Tammy launched Translove. Translove is an online dating website for Transgender, Transexual, and Crossdressing singles.

Tammy is not only passionate about spreading awareness about the transgender & transsexual community, but she is a strong supporter for their respective equal rights as well.

Tammy still resides in sunny Tampa Bay Florida, where she is a single parent to a little girl named Madeline.

© copyright 2012 Tammy-Girl Publishing.

Email: floridabats@yahoo.com 

© copyright 2011 Tammy-Girl Publishing.

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