The Bay Area Transgender Society was founded in 2010 by Nationally Syndicated Transgender & Transsexual issues Columnist, Tammy Reed. B.A.T.S. is an on-line support group & social network for transgender, Transsexual, & crossdressing women who live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Many TG's, TS's & CD's are still "in the closet" and are afraid to go out because they do not know anyone else like them in their area. BATS was started to help Tampa Bay TG's, TS's & CD's meet others just like them, living in the Tampa Bay area as well. The goal of BATS is for TG's, TS's & CD's in the Tampa Bay area to meet each other, share stories, support each other, and to socialize with each other on & off the internet. Tammy Reed, BATS founder, was scared of going out in public for the first time after years of being a cross dresser. Tammy was only willing to go out in public if she was with another TG, TS or CD friend, but she didn't know any in her area. It wasn't until she met another CD living in her area that she finally had the confidence to go out to a club for the first time. This is part of what BATS is all about, helping local TG's, TS's & CD's meet each other for frequent "girls night out" events. It's like they say, there is strength in numbers!

The Bay Area Transgender Society website contains  many resources including:
  • TG, TS & CD News
  • TG, TS & CD Tips
  • Directory of TG, TS & CD friendly businesses in Tampa Bay
  • TG, TS & CD Classifieds section
  • TG, TS & CD Dating


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